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Post-Election Tax Planning & Strategies


image of American flag with presentation titleThis free webinar was held December 1, 2020 at 1 pm EDT.

Download the slides from the December 1 webinar.

If the Democrats gain control of the Senate, the Biden Administration will be able to implement policies that may increase the tax burden on you and your business. What could this impact be and what should you consider doing?

This webinar covers the most frequently asked questions we receive:

  • If the earnings subject to social security go unlimited after $400,000, what impact could that have on the taxes I have to pay?
  • There are a number of potential changes that could impact the benefit I get from charitable contributions, is there anything I should do before December 31?
  • If marginal income tax rates will go up in 2021, what are some planning ideas I could address before December 31, 2020?
  • It has been recommended that I consider a Roth conversion from my IRA for some time, is now the time to consider doing that?
  • If the estate tax exclusion is lowered as Biden has discussed, what could the impact of that be to my family?
  • Should I be accelerating a gifting strategy to my heirs that I have been putting off?  If so, what are the most appropriate assets to focus on?

Presented by:  Thomas J. Taricani and Nathaniel J. Yost

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