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School District Accountants

Improving communities with prudent financial management

Very few state-funded entities operate under the public microscope in quite the same way as the school district. Prudent financial management is absolutely essential, and managing resources appropriately means eliminating wasteful spending while also balancing a large number of equally important competing priorities. Add mandated services, and retirement and healthcare expenses to the mix, and the pressure faced by school districts is immense.

At Boyer & Ritter, our School District Services Group can help your district develop accurate financial tools that will make effective resource deployment and management easier. Our SDS Group brings in-depth expertise and real world strategies to your district. By working with Boyer & Ritter, your district will benefit from our unique philosophy of customer service. It ensures that your district receives a customized service experience that draws from our diverse, successful client base.

Our Services

Boyer & Ritter is one of the largest accounting and financial management firms in the mid-Atlantic region because of our commitment to providing our clients with the sophisticated, seasoned counsel they deserve. For more than 90 years, Boyer & Ritter has earned a reputation for providing superior accounting services to government entities, organizations, businesses and individuals.

When your district partners with Boyer & Ritter, you’ll understand why we are one of the largest accounting and financial planning practices in the Harrisburg, Chambersburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle and State College area. The School District Services Group at Boyer & Ritter can help your district achieve several important goals. Our services include:

  • Accounting, audit and financial services
  • Risk management assessments
  • Fraud and forensic accounting services
  • Assistance in obtaining the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting
  • Compliance and internal control evaluations
  • Financial plans and budgeting
  • Financial triage for troubled school districts

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Our client-focused approach centers our School District Services Group on your auditing, tax, financial and other consulting needs. When you partner with Boyer & Ritter, you’ll get the savvy, in-depth advice you need to make important decisions on budgeting, spending, compliance, labor issues, and more.

With Boyer & Ritter, you’ll also gain a greater understanding of your school district’s overall financial picture. You can work with us closely to achieve your most important financial goals.

Every school district deserves a strong financial future. When you choose Boyer & Ritter for your audit, tax, compliance and financial planning needs, you can safeguard your most important assets and serve your students and families with confidence.

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Boyer & Ritter is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ Governmental Audit Quality Center for CPA firms. Through our partnership, your district can prepare and respond to changes in local, state, and national fiscal regulations and changes.

Schedule a consultation with Boyer & Ritter to learn how we can help your school district achieve its financial goals. To learn more about our firm, call us for more information today.

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