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Real Estate

Investing in the future of your vision.

Real estate is a business about one thing: value. By identifying opportunities to develop higher and better uses, find new opportunities and enhance the economic vibrancy of an area, real estate development enhances the value of a community. Whether you assemble properties, package projects, develop and market sites or invest in opportunities, the success of your endeavor relies upon support from a value-driven accounting partner.

Meeting these needs in the Construction and Real Estate Services Group at Boyer & Ritter—a dedicated, expert team that delivers credibility, precision and commitment as we help clients keep a watchful eye on profitability, manage risks, address tax considerations and respond to state and local regulations. Our clients rely upon the in-depth industry knowledge and expertise of the Boyer & Ritter team, backed by more than 80 years of experience in the real estate industry.

Real Estate Accounting Services

The real estate accountants at Boyer & Ritter provide a broad range of services that encompasses basic tax preparation and planning, financial analysis and consulting, risk management, business valuation, litigation and fraud services, and more.

Our firm hires the best accounting talent available and trains them carefully, so you can benefit from the expert advice your business needs to succeed and flourish. When you partner with Boyer & Ritter, your real estate business will benefit from sophisticated, experienced advice when building a comprehensive strategy for the future.

The real estate accounting services provided by Boyer & Ritter include:

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Management consulting
  • Cash flow management
  • Cost estimation
  • General accounting and auditing
  • Revenue measurement
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Strategic planning
  • Information technology consulting
  • Estate planning and succession planning
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Multi-state tax coordination
  • Fraud and forensic accounting

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We understand project financing, entity design, investment models and project parameters. We know the challenges of balancing development timelines with market expectations and of managing project parameters to come in on time and on budget. As your business responds to ongoing changes affecting residential and commercial real estate alike, look to the team at Boyer & Ritter to help you make the right decisions for the future. Our firm serves clients involved in all aspects of the real estate environment—from developers and construction firms to architects and engineers, to investment groups and public redevelopment agencies.

Industry-Specific Advisory Services at Boyer & Ritter

In addition to traditional accounting, auditing and tax services, we offer industry-specific business advisory services designed to increase your profitability, improve your competitive position and reduce your operating costs.

Boyer & Ritter is proud to provide respected real estate accounting advice to businesses in Pennsylvania, Maryland, the mid-Atlantic region, and beyond. To schedule a consultation at one of our offices in Chambersburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle or State College — or to learn more about how Boyer & Ritter can help your business achieve the success it deserves — contact us today.

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