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Auto Dealers

Restructuring. Re-thinking. Re-engineering. No matter how you describe it, the American auto industry is in the midst of a fundamental redefinition of how cars are designed, built and sold. It is at precisely a time like this that your team needs the assurance and expertise of an accounting firm who knows your business.

Boyer & Ritter understands the auto dealership world inside and out. As home to one of the largest specialized auto dealership accounting practices in the Mid-Atlantic community, our team has provided business solutions to more than 200 dealerships for more than 90 years. When your business needs an auto dealership accountant that provides a broad range of basic accounting to strategic planning services, Boyer & Ritter is here to help.

Our Services

As a business leader in the automotive community, you understand that making sound future decisions means getting timely and accurate information you can trust. You also want to work with powerful analytic tools and have access to a network of accounting professionals with experience in your chosen industry.

Boyer & Ritter not only provides comprehensive tax and financial planning services for businesses in the automotive industry, but our practice has led automotive CPAs for decades.

The automotive accounting services provided by Boyer & Ritter include:

  • Operating statement analysis and composites
  • Operational and internal control review
  • Monthly statement analysis and benchmarking
  • Strategic planning and budgeting
  • Compensation consulting and planning
  • Internal cost reviews
  • Cash flow analysis and management
  • Business risk assessment
  • Financial statement services
  • Employee benefits program management and audits
  • Business valuations
  • Planning for purchase or sale of dealership
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Litigation support
  • Estate and succession planning
  • LIFO inventory valuations
  • Cost segregation studies
  • IRS examination consulting
  • Tangible property regulation consulting services

We believe our specialization in this area makes us the strongest Dealership Services Group in our market area.

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Put Our Experience to Work for Your Automotive Business

Boyer & Ritter is a founding member of the AutoCPA Group, the oldest nationwide 20 Group of CPA firms specializing in servicing automobile dealerships throughout the United States and Canada (over 1,700 dealers). Download (PDF) issues of Headlights, a newsletter publication of the AutoCPA Group here.

With the breadth of our experience and depth of staff resources, we deliver cost effective industry specific services through our client-centered approach. We are committed to providing the resources and knowledge of a larger firm, with the personal experience and partner involvement you’d expect from a local one.

From assurance services to internal process reviews, and from succession planning to tax strategies, our team can advise you on virtually every aspect of your business. At Boyer & Ritter, our automotive accounting practice has the experience you need to operate your dealership more effectively. Contact us today to schedule a personal consultation, or for more information about our practice.

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