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Our firm has been at the forefront of supporting businesses throughout the pandemic in helping to understand, plan, and maximize options for relief. Boyer & Ritter's business relief services team is experienced and has the tools and capabilities to support your business in helping to understand relief legislation and criteria for loan forgiveness. 

The Boyer & Ritter team continues to keep track of the latest developments and is ready to help you maximize the tax credits and other federal or state help to which your business is entitled.

  • PPP Loan Forgiveness: Boyer & Ritter can help your business navigate through compliance requirements of the loan forgiveness program, to help ensure maximum forgiveness is received, and provide a reliable and trusted source of information for your lender and the government.
  • Even businesses not directly impacted by government-ordered coronavirus shutdowns may still qualify for significant Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC).

The guidelines surrounding federal COVID-19 relief programs frequently change and are complex. To learn more about engaging us for Business Relief and PPP Loan Forgiveness Support Services, and to help determine the type and level of support you may need, contact us and provide the following required information:

  • Your Full Name
  • Email and Phone
  • Company Name
  • Complete Company Address
  • Are you a current client? If yes, please provide the name of your client relationship contact.
  • Briefly describe your Business Relief and/or PPP Loan Forgiveness service needs.


Loan forgiveness workbook

Boyer & Ritter is pleased to have provided a free comprehensive tool, designed through a collaboration with Albin, Randall & Bennett CPAs, and downloaded more than 100,000 times by business leaders across the nation for critical loan forgiveness planning during the first round of PPP funding.

Our firms made the decision not to update the workbook for PPP2. The workbook was designed to be used by borrowers as a planning tool for maximizing forgiveness for PPP1 when it was originally an 8-week program. We then modified it to accommodate the expansion to 24 weeks but with the 24 weeks, the additional eligible costs, etc., the need for planning is not as great as it previously had been.

In many ways, the workbook can still be used to assist with PPP2 as is, or there are other simpler tools that can be used simply for tracking expenses and applying for forgiveness.

If entering 2021 dates on the cover page you will get a warning in the last step but that warning does not change any of the workbook’s functionality. Similarly, some of the headers and reference periods may still refer to 2019 and 2020 dates, but again none of that should impact the functionality.

If you need assistance with your PPP loan forgiveness application, our team can help.  Or, if your company is still financially struggling because of the pandemic, we urge you to contact a Boyer & Ritter Business Relief Advisory Services team member so we can help you evaluate your eligibility for ERTC or other business relief options potentially available to you. 

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