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Internal Audit / Risk Management

Strengthening processes for sustainable growth

Risk identification, assessment, and management are fundamental to any organization’s ability to make sound business decisions, achieve success, and create stakeholder value. As an experienced professional, you understand that identifying, analyzing, and managing risk is one of your most important tasks. From managing operations efficiently to protecting assets, accurately reporting results, and complying with rules and regulations, effective leadership requires reducing risk through enhanced internal controls.

The Internal Audit and Risk Management team at Boyer & Ritter can help you assess and address the issues that may threaten the health of your entity.

Gain Actionable, Objective Recommendations

At Boyer & Ritter, we partner with our clients to help them accurately assess the business risks that face their organization and implement plans to manage those risks.

You can implement sophisticated techniques to streamline and safeguard essential business functions. Our team includes highly trained professionals with experience in a diverse range of industries, as well as an expanded network of professionals through our affiliation with BDO Alliance USA.

Our unique approach will objectively identify your needs as well as what your entity needs to accomplish to achieve the value it deserves. Our Internal Audit and Risk Management services include:

  • Business risk assessments
  • Internal control evaluations and process improvement analysis
  • Internal audits and audit plan assistance
  • Fraud risk evaluations and prevention program implementation
  • Operational evaluations
  • Corporate governance assessments
  • Network security and vulnerability assessments
  • Management information systems consulting

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The scope of internal audit and risk management is broad, and it may involve a number of areas such as operational efficiencies, safeguarding assets, the reliability of internal financial reporting, the consistency of internal controls and the organization’s ability to comply with laws and regulations, as well as deter and identify potential fraud.

B&R’s Internal Audit and Risk Management Group will perform a business risk assessment to customize our audit plan and approach for your specific needs.

We are committed to gaining in-depth knowledge and an accurate, objective picture of your position– while at the same time developing actionable recommendations that can reduce risk, streamline processes and enhance internal controls.

The B&R Advantage, our firm’s unique approach to each client engagement, means that we will form a team to fit your needs. B&R provides access to experts to evaluate and address the specific needs and challenges that face your organization. From a variety of industries and practice groups, B&R utilizes in-house professionals, and has access to the professionals through the BDO Alliance USA, to bring the value your organization deserves.

Collectively, we provide the best of both worlds – the depth and breadth of resources typically available through national firms, and the service oriented perspective that you expect from your local advisors. We work with you very closely to provide in-depth resources, subject matter experts, and IT security professionals to fit your individual needs, while leveraging your in-house resources to maximize resource efficiency.

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If your business or entity requires internal audit or risk management assistance, Boyer & Ritter may be able to help. Call us today to find out more information or to schedule a consultation.

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