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Forensic Accounting in Divorce

Evaluating and separating jointly held marital assets and debts is one of the biggest challenges in many divorces. Getting through this challenging time smoothly and fairly is often a top priority. However, dividing assets and debts can be extremely complex. A forensic accountant can assist in valuing marital assets and determining income available for support.

At Boyer & Ritter, our team of forensic accountants can help you and your former spouse reach a fair settlement and define a clear direction forward for a sounder, more secure future. Our CPAs have served the mid-Atlantic region for nearly 90 years as one of the largest accounting firms in the area. As you work through the financial aspects of divorce, the forensic and litigation support team at Boyer & Ritter can provide you with the sophisticated advice you deserve.

Define a Clear Path Forward

The accountants at Boyer & Ritter have helped individuals, businesses, organizations and governmental entities with a diverse array of financial services. The members of our forensic and litigation support team can:

  • Fairly value marital assets, including closely held business interests
  • Calculate income available for support
  • Assist with litigation proceedings
  • Provide investigative and forensic accounting services
  • Help resolve financial disputes

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Our forensic accountants have the in-depth expertise you need to value marital assets and resolve disputes fairly and timely. Boyer & Ritter plays an essential role in every engagement we handle — our accountants take the time to understand your unique financial situation. When you choose Boyer & Ritter, you will work with a team that will provide you with the sophisticated, experienced advice you need to resolve your dispute fairly.

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The forensic and litigation support team at Boyer & Ritter is committed to providing you with the sophisticated advice you deserve during this difficult time. If you are in need of assistance as you divide your marital assets the forensic accountants at Boyer & Ritter can help.

For more information about our forensic accounting services, or to schedule consultation in our Camp Hill, Carlisle, State College or Chambersburg offices, call us today.

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