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WEBINAR: PPP Forgiveness Planning


Used with permission from PAA – April 2020.

In this April 23, 2020 Webinar, Dan Thompson and Jay Goldman  provide:

  • Brief overview of PPP program.
  • Discussing Allowable versus Reimbursable Costs.
  • Reviewing the relevant areas of the law where further guidance is needed and has been requested.
  • What factors come into play in determining loan forgiveness and thoughts on managing it.
  • Case study using our Loan Forgiveness Planning Workbook

Note: When you click on the link, the video does not start until you press the play button, the screen states “There is no content to view at the moment” until you press the play triangle at the bottom of the viewer.

Watch the recording of the April 23 webinar here:

View the slide deck (PDF)

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PPP Loan Forgiveness Workbook

With this download, you will receive a total of 4 documents. Two simplified and two average, one for weekly and one for monthly/semi-monthly. Use the document that works best for your company.