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2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Understanding the ins and outs of the new tax law is complicated and for many, there are more questions than answers. Below are several articles, blog posts, and slides to help. To take advantage of the immediate opportunities for your unique situation, or to help with planning for your longer term business decisions, contact us today!

Post-TCJA withholding tables could put you at risk of significantly underwithholding your federal income taxes and being hit with an unexpectedly high tax bill when you file your 2018 tax return next year. Here’s what to do to avoid this outcome.

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If you recently filed your 2017 individual income tax return or filed for an extension, it may seem like some time off from thinking about taxes is in order. But taking such a break could be costly, especially this year.

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A taxing transformation: Sponsored Roundtable


  The Central Penn Business Journal recently convened a panel of experts in taxation, accounting and finance to help make sense of it all. The conversation was moderated by CPBJ editor Joel Berg. Click Here for the PDF version of the article. Click Here for the Full Article online at the CPBJ website.

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