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Entrepreneurial Business

Building and efficient, profitable enterprise

Your business represents a combination of your founding vision, coupled with your ability to respond effectively to market opportunities and challenges. Throughout the life cycle of your business, it’s important to understand and consider how each decision can impact your long-term goals. From the selection of a business structure to the development of employee benefit plans, and from financing options to tax, estate and succession planning strategies – it’s essential to have a clear direction that takes into account each of these variables.

Boyer & Ritter specializes in meeting the needs of business owners and principals, and our in-depth expertise working with privately held and closely held companies makes us a critical partner in each client’s success. In addition to offering the full array of accounting services you require, we recognize that your business success is ultimately reflected in your personal satisfaction. By understanding each principal’s personal financial goals, we are better positioned to meet your needs.

The B&R Advantage that we bring to each engagement means that we always keep the interests of principals clearly in mind as we work with the executives of privately held, emerging and family owned businesses to create and enhance value. From securing financing to increasing profitability, and from operational reviews to annual planning, we work year-round to help our clients achieve their goals.

B&R offers a truly comprehensive range of accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting services to meet your needs and assist you in running an effcient and profitable enterprise, all backed by the personal service and principal involvement that sets Boyer & Ritter apart.

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