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November 5, 2014 Issue

  • What’s the Outlook for the Expired Tax Breaks?
  • Handling Financial Affairs After Remarriage
  • Protect Your Financial Life
  • Arm Your College Student Against Credit Card Debt

October 22, 2014 Issue

  • Year End Tax Planning Strategies for Small Business
  • Seven Reasons to Update Your Will
  • It Is Never Too Early to Think About Retirement
  • Common Tax Mistakes to Avoid

October 8, 2014 Issue

  • Answers to Your Questions About Wage Garnishment
  • Keep Tabs on Your Living Trust
  • A House Divided: Tax Planning for a Home in a Divorce
  • Tax Responsibilities After Someone Dies

September 24, 2014

  • Maximizing the Return on Health Improvement Programs
  • Toeing the Fine Line Between Employees and Independent Contractors
  • Meet Gen Z: The Future of Your Business
  • Award Points: What’s Includable in Taxable Income?
  • Leaving a Legacy for Your Heirs
  • Make the Most Out of Your Vacation Home
  • Can I Give My Children the Family Home and Still Qualify for Medicaid?

September 10, 2014

  • New IRS Guidance on Changing Accounting Method for Retail Inventory
  • How Much Does it Cost to Raise a Child? Plenty
  • Employer Considerations When Domestic Violence Affects a Staff Member
  • Toeing the Fine Line Between Employees and Independent Contractors
  • Assess the Coverage You Need
  • Assessing Your Need for Life Insurance
  • Turn Sweat Equity into Tax-Free Profit