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May 20, 2015 Issue

  • Update on Tax Rules for Amateur Gamblers
  • Pre-Employment Personality Tests May be Helpful but Exercise Caution
  • Minimizing Your Risk of Cyber Breach
  • Fraud Detection Software Can Be Used for Much More
  • Who Should Own Your Policy?
  • Background Checks Are Not a Luxury

May 6, 2015 Issue

  • Small Business Penalty Relief if Retirement Plan Return Filed by June 2
  • Is Your Company’s Health Plan HIPAA Compliant?
  • Do You Keep Adequate Records for Charitable Contributions?
  • Warning: Many Consumers Think Targeted Online Ads Are Creepy
  • Smart Ways to Detect Internal Fraud
  • Value in Explaining Workers’ Comp Rights
  • Planning for Special Needs Children

April 22, 2015 Issue

  • Tax Paperwork and Other Records: What to Keep, What to Toss
  • Test Your Small Business Finance IQ
  • Take Aim at External Fraud
  • How Escheat Laws Might Affect Your Business
  • Is Disciplining Employees a Nightmare?

April 8, 2015 Issue

  • Paying Yourself Too Much? Too Little? Be Ready for an IRS Challenge
  • Safeguard Your Personal Information Against Online Surveillance
  • Can You Deduct Job Related Moving Expenses?
  • How to Tap into the Millennial Market
  • Doing Business Abroad: Illegal Payoffs Can Take a Toll
  • Six Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Fraud is Suspected
  • Small Businesses Can Face Big Fraud Losses

March 25, 2015 Issue

  • Industries that Could Be Booming as the Baby Boomers Age
  • Coming Soon: ABLE Accounts for Disabled Individuals
  • Tax Day Countdown: Reduce Your Tax Bill with Retirement Accounts
  • Help Stop Bribery in its Tracks
  • Keeping an Eye on the Yield Curve
  • Foreign Business Travel: Make a Winning Impression

March 11, 2015 Issue

  • Small Business Reprieve on Health Premium Reimbursement Plans
  • Spring Fever: How to Keep March Madness under Control
  • Get a Better Handle on Bitcoin Tax Issues
  • Minimize Legal Risk During Internal Investigations
  • Low-Cost Workplace Safety Techniques
  • Building Block: Understanding the Alternate Valuation Date

February 25, 2015 Issue

  • The IRS Simplifies Repair Regulations for Small Businesses
  • In Pursuit of Digital Data
  • Take Notice of Notice Provisions in Contracts
  • Hiring a Disabled Individual? Job Description is Crucial

February 11, 2015 Issue

  • 2014 Federal Tax Returns: Something Borrowed, Something New
  • Estate Planning to Minimize Federal Income Taxes
  • Extreme Winter Weather Creates Blizzard of New Requirements
  • Cuba: Land of Limited U.S. Opportunities
  • Important Facts About Whistle blower Hotlines
  • Profit From an Energy Audit
  • Six Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Fraud is Suspected

January 28, 2015 Issue

  • Businesses: How to Help Prepare for Audit Season
  • The Latest News on the Personal Use of Company Cars
  • M&A Trends: What’s Hot and How to Help Prevent Pitfalls
  • Prevent and Detect Vendor Fraud
  • Health Insurance in Retirement
  • Pull the Plug on Employee Theft

January 14, 2015 Issue

  • Important Tax Figures for 2015
  • Is Your 401(k) Plan Up to Snuff?  Watch Out for These Audit Red Flags
  • Congress Renews Business Terrorism Insurance Protection
  • Combat Time and Expense Account Fraud
  • Reduce Stress, Lower Workers’ Comp Risk
  • Do You Have Will Power?

December 31, 2014 Issue

  • Start the New Year with a Personal Finance Checkup
  • Consider Deploying a Red Team at Your Business
  • Eight Legal Risks Facing Businesses
  • ADA: Tips When Hiring Disabled

December 17, 2014 Issue

  • B&R Moves Up the Rankings for Best Places to Work Awards
  • B&R Honored as the Small Business of the Year at 2014 Catalyst Awards
  • Business Interruption Insurance: A Lifeline When Disaster Strikes
  • Reduce Liability for Identity Theft
  • Survey Reveals Most Drug, Alcohol Abusers Work Full-Time
  • Don’t Let Trade Secrets Leave with Employees